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Size Does Matter
Powerhouse Studios Paramus is a remarkable event site, spanning close to 16,000 square feet. This one of a kind party venue will transport your guests into some famous scenes from some of Hollywood’s Biggest Blockbusters. There you encounter larger than life movie sets, props, and memorabilia. It is an interactive and fun experience for people of all ages.

Night Club Appeal
We're not just all about our movie décor. Powerhouse Paramus has a full state of the art Night Club. Complete with giant video walls, awesome lighting, effects, lounge furniture, dance stages, and a huge dance floor.

Nothing Like It
You can honestly say there is nothing like our Gotham Lounge. Built in 2011 this amazing room will blow you away. It was designed to create the illusion and feel that you are on the streets of a major city. The Gotham Lounge is adjacent to our Paramus studio. It is a private party space or it can be opened to expand our existing studio area.

The Paramus Experience
Built in 2004 Powerhouse Studios Take Two in Paramus NJ is a one of a kind event space and is one of the most popular places to have a party. Our philosophy behind our Paramus location was to create a large venue that would give people an experience like no other. A fantasy land of fun that continues to change and offer guests a new experience. Each time they visited in the words of the immortal Walt Disney Powerhouse Studios Paramus like Disney World will never be completed it’s a work in progress for future generations to enjoy.